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oh hey

I am so excited to welcome you into this space

If you have landed here, I know you are looking for something a little deeper...

a truly holistic approach

This means looking at each being as a whole, physically and energetically, focussing on root-cause solutions.

We are not interested in surface-level bandaids.


I am here as your guide.

I am Elizabeth, mother, warrior and creator. I have over 9years experience working with clients in coaching and holistic health, multiple certifications, and a lifetime of my own personal experiences.


I am not here to fix you. I am here to hold space for you, guiding you to meet yourself as your own healer. It's a homecoming really.

After all, you know yourself better than anyone. You hold so much wisdom in your tissues, just waiting for you to clear to noise and return home.

For so long we have been living within systems that thrive on us being disconnected.

It's like walking in the fog, but you have been in it for so long that it is all you know.

Imagine what it would be to step outside of the fog, and witness it as it truly is, and at the same time witness yourself as you truly are. How freeing? To see so clearly and to trust so deeply in who you are and what you are here for. To honour yourself and your voice. To rid yourself of the attachment to the noise and expectations.

This is the work I do.

What people are saying...


Janny, Ontario

She just knows exactly what questions to ask to get you to that place.

Her opinion is always so greatly appreciated...

I am just so extremely grateful that she is willing to help, like she does.


Maddie, New York

My numerology reading with Liz was a great way to connect with my inner self on a deeper level. I was able to see things in myself that I have always felt but now know are concrete in their truth within me...

Highly recommend!


Krysta Lee, Ontario

Your report is bang on, and resonates with me to my core! So much validation, and confirmation... I was actually brought to tears several times...

You're a beautiful soul, with a magical gift, and I just Love and adore you SO much!!


Liz’s natural skills and lovely personality make her a wonderful coach. I never feel like she isn’t keeping up with me. The attention she pays to my thoughts and feelings has helped me approach important parts of my life, and how I cope with things. Being able to check in with her every few weeks is valuable to me.


Katie, Nova Scotia

Elizabeth is a kind and positive coach and person.  Her relate-ability and understanding make her easy to open up to. Elizabeth would always leave me feeling motivated and helped me see that all accomplishments, big or small, were worth being excited about... I still keep Elizabeth in the back of my mind... I am truly grateful to have met Elizabeth as I am a better person because of her.


Diane, Ontario

Prior to seeing Elizabeth for muscle therapy I was only able to clean half my house before my back was killing me and I needed to stop.

Since my treatments, I was able to clean my entire house yesterday after a week with my grandchildren!

Hayley, Ontario

the credentials

Certified CAN Life Coach - Centre for Applied Neuroscience

Certified Consciousness Coach - Ask Harriette

Certified Numerologist - Ask Harriette

Certified Holistic Practitioner - AuraKinetics (Sho-Tai)

Muscle Testing - AuraKinetics (Sho-Tai)

Muscle Therapy - AuraKinetics (Sho-Tai)

Emotional Release Therapy - AuraKinetics (Sho-Tai)

Bachelor of Arts - Wilfrid Laurier University

3x Best Selling & Award Winning Author

additional courses

Numerology 2.0 (M.O.R.E) - Ask Harriette

Money Consciousness Method - Ask Harriette

Author Career & PR Mastermind - GBR Publishing

Writing Program "Women Let's Rise" - GBR Publishing

Writing Program "Mama's Gotta Work" - GBR Publishing

Writing Program "Mama's Gotta Grow" - GBR Publishing

Spirit Junkie Masterclass L1 - Gabby Bernstein

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